External links

This page lists several of my resources.

Noordstar Social is a Misskey-based microblogging platform. You can follow me on @bram@social.noordstar.me if you're using Mastodon, PeerTube or anything else on the Fediverse.

Bramify is a private music streaming service for my friends and family who like to listen to some music without being tracked. Unfortunately, this is not available to the public and you should only use it if you have been provided an account.

Delphi is a self-hosted Nextcloud instance.

Noordstar Git is my self-hosted Git instance. It publicly hosts my personal open source projects, and it hosts several useful private repositories for a few friendly programmers.

I developed a game of checkers where players can use super positions to gain advantageous situations! Try it yourself, it is free and open-source.

Matrix chess is a proof-of-concept that allows players to play a game of chess on the Matrix protocol.

The Noordstar password manager is used by some to store their passwords.